So much to do, so little time

Something I am struggling with at the moment is trying to do everything and keep everyone happy. I am a “YES” girl. I.e. “Wanna do dinner” … Yes, “wanna come shopping”.. Yes, “come to a show” yes, “go for a run” yes, “do a hike” yes, “take in extra at work” yes, “travel for work” yes.. And it’s has taken its toll and I had a bit of a meltdown this week.

I already have a full on situation at home without adding extra stuff to that, my Partner and I live with his father as My partner is his dad’s full time carer at the moment. It’s a massive thing he is doing for his family and as much as it can be very rewarding, it does come with a whole lot of stress. Living with his Dad means I have a 90 minute commute each way to work ( on a good day, it can and often does take longer).

Recently there have been numerous social engagements, travel for work, wedding planning, family dramas, late nights and extra long commutes and I have burnt myself out. And mostly because, when I start to get busy the first thing that slips from my routine is my exercise .. And when that happens, it worsens the effects of above mentioned busy-ness.

This week I ended up with a splitting migraine and I knew it was because I was so stressed out and was craving some “me time” “alone time”. I left work early on Wednesday to try and get my migraine under control, which was wise, I took Thursday off to get me under control. I went to a gentle yoga class, had a delicious lunch,had a quick stroll at the shops and ended up scoring a free blow wave at the hair salon. By Thursday night I was feeling relaxed and like myself again, I had an early night and even did an early morning yoga class before work Friday.

Earlier in the week I had ordered a new Polar fitness watch to provide some motivation to get back on track and it arrived Friday , so I am all geared up ready to start my new regime next week with a fresh clear mind, and am going to try and make a few less commitments where I can so I don’t over commit myself … Wish me luck.


So much to do, so little time

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