Antisocial Social Media

Antisocial social media…

So I’m going to have a rant..

We live in a world where everything is at the touch of your fingers, email, text, facebook, twitter, insta, google etc. you can reach people on the other side of the world in seconds with one press of a button. The information and images at our disposal are endless. We sit behind our keyboards and peer into other people’s lives from the comfort and privacy of; well anywhere we like these days.

And I love it!

I love seeing what friends from far away are doing, what my fave celebs are wearing, what fitness gurus have for breakfast and how some random stranger has achieved something, If I want to send someone a funny meme about chicken wings I can google it and boom it’s in my message and its great.

What I don’t love is the hate that is associated with social media.

And I am not talking about the “the youth of today are so obsessed with their phones” type hate (that’s another rant for another day), I am talking about the hate that gets inflicted upon someone who chooses to post on social media.

Why do people think that it is ok to write such nasty hate messages to someone they have never met/know nothing about – except for what is visible on their media pages – and let’s be honest – we ALL know that only the best pics and good things in life are posted on social media – regular joes like me do that, and the super mega stars of the world do it too.

There has been so much negative media about social media and enough is enough.

Why is it ok to tear someone down because they are happy with themselves, or their achievements?

Why is it ok to spew hatred about one particular group of people because of a few extremist?

Why is it ok to judge someone on their sexual orientation?

Its never been OK to do such things, but it has been accepted to do so – for a really long time.

What gets me the most is the attitude of “Well they put themselves out there on social media, they should expect to get some criticism”. This is something I 100% disagree with. It’s like saying “oh she dates a violent guy, she should expect to get abused”. Does that make it ok?

This needs to change – NOW. Just because we have become immune and it’s something “that always been done” doesn’t mean that its ok.

Just because something is the way it is, doesn’t make it right.

You know what, if I don’t like someone’s nude selfie, or their political or religious view point – I just scroll on past. I do not launch an attack of my opinion on to them, they have not asked me for it.** SHARING ON SOCIAL MEDIA IS NOT THE SAME AS ASKING FOR AN OPIONION** (unless opinion is specifically request – i.e Does my butt look big in these jeans) And No, I didn’t ask to see that persons naked body or that other persons backwards viewpoint on the LBGT community – however they are either a celeb type person I have chosen to follow or they are my own friend/acquaintance that I am connected to on some type of media platform. If I don’t like what they want to share – or their opinions and don’t want to see them I can simply unfollow/unfriend or just turn off seeing their posts. SIMPLES!

I often wonder, what would happen if, for a 48 hour period, people only wrote positive comments towards others.

Instead of the hate comments directed to a beautiful active fit pregnant 1st time expectant mother, how bout saying “You’re growing a human in that toned body of yours and that is a beautiful thing”.

Instead of bashing a young girl who has posted her weightloss/weightgain/something, who has clearly struggled with self-esteem issues and body issues, how bout saying “beautiful then, beautiful now”.

Instead of slamming that celeb who lives their life in front of the camera, shows the highs and lows for their fans to see, how bout saying “You are really brave”.

Perhaps we should consider only commenting things we would say to that persons face. Like if you ran into those people on the street, would you say those same nasty comments to them?

Perhaps people need to remember that “What Sarah says about Sally, says more about Sarah than Sally”.

My general rule for commenting on anything on social media is this:

If I do not like it – Nil Comment, scroll past – or if I find it super offensive – unfollow/unfriend

If I like it – say something to that effect i.e. “That dress looks great” “oooh your acai bowl looks delish where is that from”

It does not matter if someone is tall, short, fat, skinny, famous, rich, homeless, gay, straight, male or female, black, brown, white or yellow, this religion, that religion OR anything in between. IT DOES NOT MATTER. If you cut each person, each person would bleed. We all stand under the same sky and sleep under the same moon, we all have something great about us, something to offer the world, regardless of how big or small that something is. Don’t be mean to each other.

And if all else fails, my mum always told me “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all”.

I would rather appear quiet than ignorant.

Spread some love today xoxox

Everyone loves music right, perhaps if we all listened to the words of some famous lyrics the world might be a better place:






Antisocial Social Media

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