Dear Ashy

I’ve recently been inspired to bring a bit more positivity into my life and into the lives of others where I can.. from simply letting my friends and family know how awesome they are, or telling the girl in the cute dress in the supermarket that she looks amazing. I know how amazing it makes me feel when someone gives a genuine compliment and I want to share that feeling with others… there is so much negativity around – it hurts when I see someone trying to do something good, being slammed. So I’m spreading the love, and I’m starting with one of my fav fit girls I love to follow. Who knows if she’ll even see this, but it’s out in the universe… I’m sure the love will get around.


Dear Ashy Bines

I was watching your recent snaps from your little vacay in Hayman with Tarte Cosmetics (LOOKED SENSATIONAL by the way) and one of the things that you said ( a few times) actually really stuck with me.

You were obviously flabbergasted with all of the (let’s be honest – FRIGGIN AMAZING) gifts bestowed upon you and you kept saying how “lucky” you are.

Honey, luck has nothing to do with… I am a true believer in the old phrase “The Harder you work, the Luckier you are”. And I really feel this for you.

This was no random lotto win, no “right time, right place” kind of occurrence – you were hand picked out of god only knows how many people, because you have created a brand and a business that has become so successful, it is internationally recognised and it has become this way because you work so hard for that. And I want you to know.. there are random people (like me) that look at you and recognise that.


I know that you have copped a heck of a lot of criticism in the past, and still do today for mistakes you’ve made… but show me a business person who hasn’t made errors? And perhaps I’m just a weirdo, but to me, it makes you real. A real life human being who has made some boo boos – like 99.9% of the rest of us.  When I am looking up to someone for inspiration, I find it easier to get that inspiration in knowing that, that person is a human. That person slips up – but gets back up again, that person has bad hair days – and like me, is not all that flash at doing a hair do other than a top knot, that person sometimes doesn’t want to get out of bed, but does, because she has a job to do. That person has the same 24hours in a day that I do, it’s how we choose to spend then that differentiates us. (I think you spend yours waaay better than me, but I’m working that), and that person is a working mum and still kicks ass every day, and has a healthy life and healthy body to be proud of.


So Ashy I want to thank you. I want to thank you for putting yourself out there and making such an amazing business/life/group/community, because there is truly nothing better in the world then trying to help others.

Thank you for making mistakes and overcoming them and showing us that our errors in life don’t have to stop us, we can use them as building blocks to rise up again.

Thank you for being so open and honest and showing the tough life behind the scenes – again, the human factor is everything.

Thank you for not always being a glammed up hot babe… the 4am snapchats, being unglam is so much easier to relate to than a 24hr glamazon.

Thank you for getting dressed up and being a hot babe and sharing your nights with the girls and date nights with Steve – it’s important for other mums to see they can be hot babes after a baby and its ok to get dressed up and feel good about themselves.

Thank you for making Raw… its so awesome and inspiring so many people

Thank you for sharing your workouts and recipes – to the masses and a lot for FREE… it takes time and money for you to film them for us, and its great!

Thank you for working so utterly hard to give your followers the content and inspiration

Thank you for not letting the haters crumble you  – haters are always going to hate, no matter what, but always remember “What Alison says about Ashy, says more about Alison than Ashy”


It really is so inspiring seeing a chick from the Goldie smashing #lifegoals out of the park, following you and seeing what you’re about has really made a difference in my life, will I ever have a flat tum, probably not, but I will have an awesome role model and better health, so when I get up in the mornings and pound the pavements of Brisbane at 5am.. I know not too far down the road on the gold coast.. my fitness inspiration is doing it to.. and that is kinda cool.

So Thank you Ashy.. you are appreciated, keep it up!



Dear Ashy

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