So we did a thing 

I was a day late … and I knew … I just knew!! 

Like I said in my last post .. since coming off the pill, I could set my watch to my periods, they were so regular .. and not 1 cycle had been a day late since. 

It was a Wednesday morning.. we had a wedding to go to on the weekend, so my head and heart was racing at a million miles an hour, I had to take a pregnancy test because I didn’t want to overindulge at the wedding if I was pregnant, that was one train of thought, the other train was all like “don’t be ridiculous, you’ve “tried” once, it doesn’t happen like that” then the third train was all like “all aboard …. we’ve done it..! We’ve bloody gone and got preggers”

My husband had the day off work that day … he was a groomsman in the wedding we were going to so was helping groom with last minute things .. anyway, he was in the kitchen whilst I anxiously waited for that test to brew … he had no idea that any of this was going on, so when I pulled the stick out of the cupboard and flipped it over and saw those words PREGNANT 2-3 Weeks, I was stunned, like actual disbelief. I took a few minutes had a wee happy cry and pranced down the hall to my unsuspecting husband and was all like “sooooo, we did a thing”. 

So we did a thing 

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