I’ll have some double standards on the rocks thanks.

So there seems to be so much hate  and non-acceptance in the world at the moment and I am finding it increasingly hard to take.

When did people become so nasty? Why is one person’s point of view better than another’s?

I had always believed that our differences were what made each other unique and special, not better than someone else, not worse than someone else.

What I am seeing a lot of at the moment is negativity towards the younger generations, specifically The Gen Y’s (my era) and the Millennials.

I am in a workplace where I am the only Gen Y, by a long shot. Conversations within the office are often about “Ye Goode Olde Days” and of course I couldn’t possibly contribute because I have no idea.

However a lot of conversations get turned to the “youth of today”, “the lack of respect”, “the lack of knowledge and understanding”, “the screen obsessed generation”, “social media obsessed”, “Lazy, entitled generation”. The negative comments that get made about my generation and the ones that follow, are hurtful and simply untrue.

Yes of course like every group of people there are a few “radicals” that give a group a bad name, however, as a majority the “youth of today” are good people,  hardworking, driven, kind, thoughtful people. Some of the most successful people I know are from my own Generation and they have got there by gritting their teeth and defying the odds that were stacked against them, not because they are lazy or entitled.

I am going to give some examples of things that I often see in a “Baby boomer vs Gen Y” explanation.

Each morning when I arrive to work, there is often 1 sometimes 2 baby boomers in the office already, at desks, steaming cup of coffee in hand, I head to kitchen to get my heart starter- kettle is empty. I fill up kettle make myself a brew, top kettle up, and boil again, its nearly peak arrival time, someone will be walking through the door any minute craving their caffeine hit, how good for them, they only have to wait 1 min instead of 5 for the kettle to boil? #youarewelcome #fromthethoughtlessgeny #maybeitsjustme

In the supermarket, as I walk the aisles searching for my weekly provisions, I step to the side to allow the older lady with her trolley through, she stops, blocking me in with nowhere to go, she decides to turn around mid-aisle, right where I am patiently waiting for her to go past, and rams trolley into me. There was no “excuse me” “Im sorry dear” nothing. Instead I apologized for clearly being in her way.. and I got a snooty look and a grunt. #genyhasnomanners

Often there are conversations in our office about “this younger generation” so obsessed with technology, always on their phones, have to share everything on social media, can’t live without their technology, whatever happened to just making a phone call or writing a letter.

Let’s look at some facts about the above (o.k. probably not actual fact, but bloody good points if you ask me).

  1. Emails are a quick and cost effective means of communication that travel worldwide in an instant – why, when this technology is available, would you, on the regular, send an actual letter that you actually need a response to? NEVER, that’s when. Don’t get me wrong, me and friend are still “pen pals” and write actual letters from time to time and its awesome… never practical, but its lovely.
  2. Maybe back in “ye goode olde times” people didn’t travel so often, and that’s ok, that how it was back then, you knew the people on your street, maybe the one over and that was it? You may have had the weird alternative aunt who lived at the beach a few hours away. However, in the “now” people travel, to new cities, new countries, and people make friends from these new places, yet still want to keep in contact with people from home and so on and so forth, Social Media is great for this, it allows a snapshot into someone’s life that you are interested in, you can see their achievements and awesome paleo meals or baby vomit updates from wherever you are, and in a big wide scary world, when you are miles away from your family and friends, keeping in contact like this, brings those people to the palm of your hand, and well that’s just beautiful.
  3. And yes whilst a lot of Gen Y are really on the tech bandwagon, it’s the way forward – get on board or get left behind. I can’t imagine little Marmie, who used to hand wash all her clothes in the river because it was the only way, screwing her nose up at the automatic washing machine? I don’t think great granny would have said “no thanks, I don’t need a refrigerator, this old ice box works a treat”. Its progress… its going crazy fast, but this is the world we live in, it can’t be turned back. Technology doesn’t have to “rule” your life to make the most of it.
  4. My final point…. When you have an issue with your technology, who you gonna call fix all of your problems because you knew better and didn’t read the install instructions? An educated, hardworking, tech obsessed Gen Y or Millennial , that’s who.

Acceptance of new and change also seems to be something that is a significant stand out point in this generational warfare.

We have to have the radio station on some classic hits station because the oldies don’t like this new/head banging music. But I have to put up with and LIKE their old/head banging music.

It frustrates me that the acceptance regards to music or technology or equality or progress is so hard for some older generations, when they are here living in this world alongside us, yet us younger generation are expected to respect and understand the trials and tribulations of a world we were never a part of.

Of course each and every single era in time has my complete and utter respect for the sacrifices made that has allowed us to live in this world as we know it. Nothing can take away from the brave men and woman who have given everything for the future generations. But perhaps some need to be reminded that today, right now, there are many of my generations people giving everything they have for us today and for those that come after us.

This is not to say that one generation is better than the other, it’s to understand that each is different and has a very different set of skills and experiences. If we can learn to embrace each changing generation instead of tearing it down, what a world that would be.

There are some treasured things from older generations that will never be old and I find myself turning to these more often, nothing makes me feel better than making a big batch of old fashioned vege soup just like my Nana used to make. Making something for someone instead of store bought. However seeing my friends be successful regardless of their age, race, gender or sexual preference, because our world is slowly becoming more accepting is inspiring and being able to keep in connect with friends all over the world with a click of a button makes the distance between home and wherever we wander that little bit shorter.


I’ll have some double standards on the rocks thanks.